• Establishing a detailed program specification through discussion with clients
  • Clarifying what actions the program is intended to perform
  • Breaking down program specification into its simplest elements and translating this logic into a programming language
  • Devising possible solutions to anticipated problems
  • Working as part of a team, which may be established purely for a particular project to write a specific section of the program
  • Combining all elements of the program design and testing it
  • Testing sample data-sets to check that output from the program works as intended
  • Conducting testing and installing the program into production
  • Reacting to problems and correcting the program as necessary
  • Evaluating and increasing the program's effectiveness
  • Adapting the program to new requirements, as necessary
  • Conducting user-acceptance testing to ensure the program can be used easily, quickly and accurately
  • Writing detailed documentation for the operation of the program by users and computer operators
  • Consulting manuals, periodicals and technical reports to learn new ways to develop programs and maintain existing skills and knowledge
  • Updating, repairing, modifying and developing existing software and generic applications.

Experience Level: Intermediate, Advanced (Preferred)

Education: Any Graduate or Post Graduate with any Specialization, Bachelor’s degree or certificate in computer animation, fine arts, graphic design, or related field. (Preferred, not necessary)

Minimum Requirement: Previous work experience, Past projects, Samples, URLs of work, Portfolio, Recommendation letter or certificates, experience, or proficiency with specific animation software platforms may be preferred. (if any)



  • High-level programming and related technical skills
  • Ingenuity and creativity
  • A logical approach to problem solving
  • Analytical capabilities
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • Experience of development methodologies, like waterfall and agile
  • Attention to detail
  • Tenacity and patience
  • Communication skills - including the ability to convey information to non-technical colleagues in a concise and clear way
  • An understanding of business processes and constraints.


  • Most applications developers work in an office environment in one location, although remote working is also common.
  • You'll spend long periods in front of a computer terminal.
  • Self-employment through contracting is possible with experience.
  • At present, men considerably outnumber women in the IT workforce, but steps are being taken to redress the balance, with initiatives such as Code First: Girls, Rails Girls, GeekGirlMeetup and the Women in IT Awards.
  • Jobs are available in most areas, but the majority are concentrated in major towns and cities.
  • A high level of commitment is expected due to the costs of projects and regular tight deadlines, particularly in small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

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