This drone is used to monitor workers from a distance

Krishi PS-1925

Krishi PS-1925 can be used for 'Precision Agriculture' or Smart Farming. There are seven major domains where it is helpful-soil and field analysis, Spraying of pesticides, Monitoring of Animals, Weed identification in farm fields, Seed planting and counting mechanism, crop Irrigation management and differentiation between healthy and unhealthy.

Used to spray pesticide and other farming needs
Drone to detect land mines and avoid explosions

Vayu PS-1925

Vayu PS-1925 can bring in drones that use sensor technology for metal and Land Mine detection from a certain distance. Moreover, these drones can also be used for Surveillance and delivery purposes for the army to an area where even they also cannot  reach.

This Drone is used for surveillance purposes and can be actively used in defence.
To fight a fire in jungle or a place where fire brigades cant reach, this drone can provide better services there

Rahat PS-1925

This drone is very useful for structural damage assessment drug/food packet delivery reconnaissance and 3d-mapping forest fire detection, high rise building fire response, CBRNE(chemical biological radiological nuclear or explosive) event search and rescue operations Communication relay payloads.

A fire relief drone, fighting a fire caught in a building
A drone delivering parcel to a customer, its very useful at places where high traffic is a concern

Courier PS-1925

For E-Commercial Sector, “Courier PS-1925” can deliver packages for online shopping forums to various customers that save time, money and man-power. Unlike the traditional means of transport for commercial delivery such as trucks and motorcycles, drones don’t have the need to navigate the highly congested and traffic-choked roads and can have automated systems for the speedy delivery and also promote Green technology.

These drones are GPS controlled and does not need any remote assistance all the time

Chikitsa PS-1925

As we know, traffic is a huge concern these days so this drone can deliver medicine and other necessary items

“Chikitsa PS-1925” can deliver medicines, blood units, and human organs to the desired hospitals and thus help out in case of emergencies like road/rail accidents where there are a lot of casualties.

Urja PS-1925

These drones are known as turbine inspectors, they can spot millimeter-sized damage along all parts of a turbine’s propellers.

“Urja PS-1925” can   increase &nbsp the overall energy  and     power efficiency   of various renewable   energy resources by providing faster repairs and inspection. Energy Sector is one of the leading developing sectors in the Indian Economy.

This drone is under testing, known as "Air Taxi"

Yatra PS-1925

For the Transportation Sector, “Yatra PS-1925” can reduce the traffic congestion in India, we are proposing to bring a revolutionizing solution – the desi passenger drone/air rickshaw. To get relief from traffic on roads, people may prefer to choose flying to their offices in these passenger drones which can carry the weight of up to two individuals.

These type of drone can carry approx 881.85 pounds of weight

Our Main Message

PS-1925 is a drone manufacturer, technology and service provider company that designs flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) based on the application desired. The company’s sole motto is to bring in drone technology into India on the principles of Make in India – manufactured, designed and developed in India itself.


Paawan Kumaar

 AICTE Startup Mentorship Program 2018

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